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    Aug 28 2020 - Nov 01 2020


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    New Theatre and Restaurant UPDATE


    Dear New Theatre Patrons,

    Have you ever had to wait for what seems like an eternity to get your phone company or cable provider to fix a problem?  Well that is what we have been going through with the company that processes our credit card orders.  Because we couldn’t process credit cards we had no choice but to temporarily close our sales office.  I’m happy to report the credit card processing problem has been fixed and our sales office is once again open.

    On another front, we have been wrestling with when to reopen New Theatre.  Currently, Covid-19 has the greater Kansas City area tightly in its grip.  We’ve heard from many of you who have expressed your concern about the extent to which the virus is increasing in this area.  We hear you and want to assure you that we will not reopen New Theatre until the number of cases significantly decreases.  With this in mind, we have decided to move our first production of the 20/21 season, MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL to the fall of 2021. 

    In 1972, we opened Tiffany’s Attic, followed the next year by the Waldo Astoria and in 1992, New Theatre & Restaurant.  Until recently, not a week went by in the past 48 years without one of our productions entertaining thousands of theatre guests.  New Theatre has more season members now than any other Arts organization in the midwest.  Yes, Covid-19 has temporarily shut New Theatre’s doors but not the passion and enthusiasm that has brought Kansas City nearly 5 decades of unequaled entertainment.  Without question, the team that produced 48 years of laughter and music is up to the challenge of waiting out Covid-19 and reopening New Theatre with the same success that made the WALL STREET JOURNAL call us “one of the best in the country”.  We’ll be back as soon as Covid-19 is under control.  Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive.  As one of our season members put it, “you have a 48-year-record that speaks of unequaled commitment to Broadway-quality entertainment and outstanding dining…..I know you’ll come through stronger than ever”.  Yes, you can count on us.  We’ll be waiting for you on the other side of this pandemic with music, laughter, and a feast. 

    Kindest regards,

    The New Theatre sales and marketing guy,

    Rob McGraw
    Vice President Sales  Marketing | New Theatre & Restaurant

    The event is finished.