“I decided to audition for a play being put on by a local company,” she said matter-of-factly. “I’ve now been in over 120 plays over the years.” - Dodie Brown


About Me

“It’s Dodie Brown, who was director of the St. Peter’s choir for 35 years. Dodie is among a small handful of local actors who have achieved national recognition and who never fails to elicit spontaneous applause when they first come on stage.

Dodie has worked with luminaries in the theatre for many, many years and is loved by audiences and critics alike. She and (husband) Bud have been members of St. Peters since the church was built – or close to that time. Dodie and Bud are devout Christians and Dodie is a natural-born caregiver and mentor to anyone who needs her cheerful, upbeat and brilliant intervention.”

Not much to add here. Other than to sit down in the Browns’ meticulously prepared poolside patio with coffee and treats and to ask an actress those questions that everyone has always wanted to ask an accomplished actor, but have been afraid to seem like a shlemiel.

Like: How do you memorize lines?

“I have tricks,” Dodie smiles, just a little slyly…


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