Guild Scholarship Details

How the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Guide Star and You, can make a difference.

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

A profile of The New Theatre Guild Scholarship Fund is published on the website of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. You can see our organization highlights, goals, programs, board members, scholarship winners, and how to send in a donation. Just go to the website and click “Nonprofit Search” at the top of the page. On the Nonprofit Search page, type in The New Theatre Guild. Click on our name to find our profile and a complete overview of the Guild, or just click on the “REVIEWED” button above.

The Kansas City Community Foundation’s nonprofit search was created to connect donors to the community needs they care about, in-turn helping them to become smarter investors. The database includes more than 650 nonprofit profiles in the Kansas City area. The New Theatre Guild Scholarship Fund is the only organization in this database that awards scholarships on the college or university level to students in the performing arts.

Guide Star

The Guild is also listed on a second website, In partnership with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, GuideStar showcases information on nonprofit organizations nationwide. If anyone in the United States would like to donate to the Guild, our stats are out there.

Established Funds

Anyone making a donation of $15,000 or more may have a Guild fund named after them or their beloved ones.

These are the present established funds:

  • The Dodie Brown Fund
  • The Richard Carrothers/Dennis Hennessey Fund (KU)
  • The Richard Carrothers/Dennis Hennessey Fund (UCM)
  • The Richard Carrothers/Dennis Hennessey Fund (UMKC)
  • The Richard Carrothers/Dennis Hennessey Fund (KSU)
  • The Don Knotts Fund
  • The Patricia McIlrath Fund
  • The McDowell Family Fund
  • The Virginia Kelley Fund
  • The Highlander-See Scholarship Fund
  • The TNT Guild Fund (UCM)
  • The Mary Wyram Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Michelle Bushman Fund
  • The Penny and Bill Gamm Scholarship Fund
  • The Jackie and Curtis Stokes Scholarship Fund
  • The Gary and Arlene Krings Scholarship Fund
  • The Ruth Ann Hoffman Scholarship

Scholarship Financial Management

100 percent of all donations go into the scholarship monies managed by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Currently, The Guild’s Advisory Committee has decided that the funds should be divided into 70 percent stock and 30 percent bonds.

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation has recommended a rule of thumb for the distribution of the money held by them. They suggest that 5 percent of the average of the ending balances of the last three years at the Community Foundation be available for distribution to theatre arts student scholarships.

During the fiscal year (2020 -2021), the Guild awarded 17 scholarships, each one $3,000, for a total of $51,000.00 to the four university theatre departments currently recognized by The Guild: The University of Kansas, The University of Missouri at Kansas City, Kansas State University and The University of Central Missouri. It is the decision of each theatre department head as to whom the final student recipients should be. The Guild feels that the department head has day-to-day contact with the students, and is better equipped to decide the final recipients. The scholarships are awarded at a theatre banquet held on-stage at each university theatre near the end of each school year. It is such a thrill to attend these banquets.

You too can have a dedicated fund

If you are interested in creating a named scholarship, (funds must exceed $15,000) please click here to leave us a message.