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Named Scholarships

An individual may have a scholarship established in their name, or a name they shall designate, by contributing $10,000.00 to their fund. The funding can be made in incremental payments They can designate which of the 4 universities the scholarship should go to. The board of directors, jointly with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, shall determine the amount of that fund to be awarded in scholarships each year.

What our Scholarship students are saying.

"Not only is it an absolute honor, and a privilege to be able to receive the Dodie Myers Brown Scholarship from the New Theatre Guild Foundation, but it also helps to relieve me from the financial burden that accompanies a college education. I am so excited to be able to continue my studies in theatre, with the help of you all at the New Theatre. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"
Theatre Major
"I am one of the lucky theatre students who is a New Theatre Scholarship Guild recipient. I am incredibly grateful to the Guild for their generosity. I couldn't be in graduate school without scholarships like this one. I am currently in my third and final year of studying for my MFA in Acting. I feel lucky to be supported by an organization like the Guild. I hope one day to be in the position to help theatre students in the way you've helped me. Thank you!"
MFA Student
"I am a Kansas City-based artist who has a passion for the stage. Currently, I am pursuing my BFA in Musical Theatre, (with a minor in dance and marketing) at the University of Central Missouri. Some of my credits include: "The Polar Express Live!" (2018-2019), "Winterfest," (WOF 2017), "Songs for a New World," (Parkville Theater 2017) Storling Dance Theater, and countless performances with local theaters across the KC Metro Area. In my free time, I enjoy being on the worship team with my local church and playing music with my brothers. Thank you again for this scholarship!"
BFA Student
"This scholarship gave me the opportunity to focus on growing as a theatre artist and preparing for the professional world, while helping me fund my last year of college."
“The freedom this aid grants me is something I can’t have harmoniously in the working world. Support through this connection that we forged at UMKC can last a lifetime. It is how we will find work, resources, strength, and empowerment. The people who we will graduate with will not be our competition, they will be our collaborators and comrades. And that’s the real value of this scholarship."
Lighting Designer

It’s through your generosity and support we are able to maintain the number and quality of our scholarships.  Please consider contributing in any way possible.